Uncle Bo's Pupu Bar & Grill


NEW!! SIAM SCALLOP & SHRIMP grilled then wok-fried w/ garlic oyster sauce & choy-sum (recommended w/ rice)

GRILLED SALMON w/ lemon herb butter    

MISOYAKI SEA BASS marinated in sake/soy/miso, broiled to perfection served w/ steamed choy-sum (recomended w/ rice)   

S.O.S.!!! Pan Roast w/ lobster & crab meat, clams, scallop & shrimp. Velvety, creamy, yummy, Soup or Stew? (Recommended w/ rice)       

UNCLE BO’S FISH or SHRIMP TACOS lightly breaded w/ fresh avocado, flour tortilla, 3-cheese dill sauce, served w/ thick-cut steak fries (2 tacos)    

spicy!   BAKED OPAH MAUNA KEA  fresh island fish baked in garlic chili aioli, topped w/ parmesan panko crust, served w/ 2 pc of wok-fried garlic shrimp    

NEW!! FRESH FISH OF THE DAY w/ one of the following preparations

CHANG MAI wok-fried breaded in macadamia nut panko topped w/ choy-sum & tomatoes sautéed in a sweet chili sauce  

STEAMED CHINESE STYLE w/ garlic soy sauce topped w/ green onion, cilantro, olive oil

    PAN BROILED w/ garlic citrus butter & white wine

LOBSTER TAIL spiny-tailed lobster broiled w/ garlic citrus-butter     

ALASKAN KING CRAB LEGS w/ drawn butter