Haleiwa Menu

Enjoy The Experience.

Uncle Bo’s Haleiwa
66-111 Kamehameha Hwy. #101
(GPS Directions)
(808) 797-9649

HOURS: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


Served from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Boco Moco

Classic loco moco w/ house-made patties; smothered in demi-glace* mini (2eggs, 1 patty) / regular (3eggs, 2 patties)

Egg Sandwich

w/ melted mozzarella cheese on a toasted taro bun 2pc*

Prime Rib & Eggs

Slow roasted over-night, English-cut served w/ 3 eggs*


Served w/ Bo’s special hollandaise sauce on sweet Hawaiian taro English muffins*

Lobster & Mushroom Eggs Benedict

Draped w/ thick-cut bacon*

Mediterranean Eggs Benedict

Assortment of nuts, avocado, garlic & hummus*

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict

Atop mixed greens*

Hawaiian-Style Eggs Benedict

w/ Kalua pig, thick-cut bacon & cabbage*

Sweet Bread French Toast

Made w/ local sweet bread 4pc*

Uncle Bo's Haleiwa Breakfast

Classic Breakfast

3 eggs any style w/ 2 choices of the following meats*: Portuguese sausage, regular bacon, link sausage, Kalua pig or Spam (sub thick-cut bacon for $4)

Alii’s Breakfast

3 eggs any style w/ all 5 of the following meats*: Portuguese sausage, regular bacon, link sausage, Kalua pig or Spam (sub thick-cut bacon for any meat for $4)


3 eggs, served w/ house-made fresh salsa*

Four Cheese Omelet

Feta, mozzarella, goat & parmesan atop mixed greens*

Meat-Lover’s Omelet

Prime rib, thick-cut bacon, Portuguese sausage & Kalua pig*

Mushroom & Spinach Omelet

Oyster & button mushrooms, spinach & cheeses*

Peace Omelet

Spinach, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers & tomatoes*

Tropical Fruit Bowl

Tropical seasonal fresh fruits bought local, when available*

Breakfast HOBO’S

Bo’s famous taro beignets w/ Frangelico American Honey sauce 4pc (sorry no ice cream included)

Breakfast Sides

3 Eggs

Any Style*

Breakfast Meats

Portuguese or link sausage 5 pc, Spam 5pc, regular bacon 6 pc, house made Kalua pig

Thick-Cut Apple Wood Bacon



1 pc plain / apple banana*


1 pc

Fresh Fruit Medley

Sandwich, Burgers & Wraps

Served w/ thick-cut steak French fries or side salad
(excluding PB & Yay) add avocado or cheese $2

PB & Yay! Pizza

Sweet & unique; warm peanut butter & jelly drizzled w/ chocolate sauce*

Uncle Bo's Haleiwa BLT


Thick-cut apple wood bacon, lettuce, tomato & avocado; all the favorites atop a sweet taro bun 2pc

Kalua Pig Sliders

Pulled pork in pineapple BBQ sauce on toasted sweet taro buns 2 pc*

Uncle Bo's Brunch Burgers

Bo’s Burger

2 juicy house-made patties lathered in our house sauce on a toasted sweet Hawaiian bun*

Hummus Wrap

Spinach wrap, garlic & basil roasted house-made chick pea hummus w/ mixed veggies & cheese*

Broiled Fresh Fish Sandwich

Dressed in Bo’s caper cilantro sauce on toasted sweet bun*

Mekong-Dip Chicken Sandwich

On a French baguette w/ coconut Thai curry ‘au jus*

Spicy Beef Wrap

Sauteed w/ mixed veggies in a spicy ginger garlic sauce*

“Laos In The House” Crispy Chicken Wrap

Marinated overnight in Lao spices w/ a soft flour tortilla “house”*

Spicy Beef Wrap

Sauteed w/ mixed veggies in a spicy ginger garlic sauce*

Pot Stickers

Crispy w/ sweet chili or steamed 4pc*

Crispy Crab Cakes

w/ real crab 2pc

Uncle Bo’s Oyster Shooters

Toasted garlic, cilantro, sesame-ponzu cocktail sauce 4pc*

Spinach Artichoke Dip

w/ fresh wonton chips

Six Little Piggies

Crispy pork belly topped w/ sweet Maui onion jalapeno relish 6pc*

Uncle Bo’s Nut Wraps

Minced nut assortment w/ buttercup lettuce 4pc*

Shaken Chicken

Wok-fried w/ Thai herbs & veggies (also available w/ steak for $2 more)*


crispy, served w/ a sweet chili sauce*

Uncle Bo’s Dynamite Shrimp

tossed in garlic chili aioli w/ parmesan panko crust

Yobo Wings

Korean-style spicy chicken 8pc*

Thai-Style Steamer Clams

Manila clams simmered in a mild chili & garlic oyster sauce*

Walnut Shrimp Wraps

w/ candied walnuts served in buttercup lettuce 4pc*


Broiled w/ melted mozzarella 6pc*

Seafood Ceviche

Shrimp, scallops & veggies tossed w/ herbs marinated in lime juice*

Bo’s Big Nachos

w/ ham, kalua pig, onions, mushrooms & mozzarella on wonton chips (also served veggie-style w/ veggies & avocado)* smaller portion available for $13.75


House-made w/ chickpeas, roasted garlic & basil served w/ crispy tortilla chips*

Uncle Bo’s Kalua Pig Fried Rice

w/ spinach*

Seafood Trap

Medley of fish, calamari, clams & shrimp in mild chili & garlic oyster sauce*

Ahi Poke

Fresh w/ onions, cucumber & cabbage*

Spicy Tuna Bowl

Spicy ahi, avocado & bacon served on a bed of hot rice w/ Korean nori*

Spicy Hamachi Haleiwa

Spicy yellowtail, Japanese cucumber boat w/ avocado paddles & Korean nori sail*

Cajun Seared Ahi

Premium cuts of ahi sashimi flash-seared & drizzled w/ honey glaze*


Prime rib strips, garlic cheesy-bread, sautéed mushrooms & mozzarella

Hamachi Sashimi

w/ roasted garlic, jalapeno, rice & Korean nori in a lime-ponzu sauce*

Hot Hapa Potato Roll

Cheesy, creamy mashed potato spring rolls w/ bacon & chives*

Soups & Salads

Soups are house-made fresh daily.
Add avocado to any salad /or just $2

Soup Du Jour or New England Clam Chowder

House Spring Mixed Greens

(side salad) locally grown & organic w/ balsamic vinaigrette

Caesar Salad

(add chicken breast for just $3)

Roasted Beet Salad

w/ green apples, walnuts & goat cheese on local organic greens

Greek Salad

Olives, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers & feta w/ lemon-herb dressing over romaine lettuce

Oriental Chicken Salad

Creamy sesame dressing, chicken breast, wonton strips, cucumber & mandarin orange slices*

Tiger Beef Salad

Grilled flank steak, chopped cucumber & tomatoes over local organic mixed greens w/ a Thai chili vinaigrette*

Crab Salad w/ Avocado

Warm crispy crab cake atop local organic mixed greens, ham, egg, cucumber, cilantro & tomato all tossed in Mama Bo’s dressing

Uncle Bo’s Warm Spinach Salad

Strawberry vinaigrette, walnuts, bacon, feta & onions


Fresh dough hand-made in-house daily.
Pizzas approximately 12 - inches


Pepperoni Lovers*

Hawaiian Style

Kalua pig, ham, pineapple, onion & mushrooms*


Exactly what it sounds like; our delicious Boca-Rota pupu made into a pizza!*

Meat Lovers

Pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, kalua pig*


Onion, mushroom, bell pepper, zucchini, yellow squash & tomato*

Dynamite Shrimp

Rich, decadent… DYNAMITE!*

Create Your Own!

Choose any 4…  pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, kalua pig, bacon, onion, mushroom, bell pepper, tomato, yellow squash, pineapple & zucchini*


Gluten free pasta available for just $2 more

Pasta Marinara

Served w/ linguine (add BIG meatballs; 2 for $3)*

Pasta Primavera

Sautéed veggies w/ fresh basil tossed in a light, garlic citrus olive oil over linguine*

Chicken Pesto

Sautéed chicken in garlic, pesto cream sauce over fettuccine*

Chicken Alfredo

Sautéed chicken, mushrooms, parmesan & creamy sauce over fettuccine*

Uncle Bo’s Seafood Catch

Clams, scallops, shrimp & fish jumbled in a creamy tomato net of linguine*

Opah Piccata

White wine, lemon butter, capers, mushrooms & fresh basil over linguine*

Shrimp Pasta

Linguine tossed in light citrus olive oil w/ fresh garlic, tomatoes & basil*

Meat & Steaks

served w/ mixed veggies & choice of: garlic mashed potatoes,
white rice or thick-cut steak French fries (substitute starch
for extra veggies or brown rice just $2 more)

Filet Mignon

Classic, tender*

Never Ever Garlic Rib-Eye

Organic grass-fed, no antibiotics, no hormones… EVER! Naturally flavorful, juicy, broiled & topped w/ garlic*

Rack Of Lamb

Pan-seared w/ cracked black pepper & red-wine reduction mushroom sauce*

Prime Rib

Slow-roasted overnight served w/ au jus & creamy horseradish*

Surf & Turf Combos

(combos available w/ purchase of a dinner entree)

Add Shrimp Scampi 4PC* $8.95
Add Lobster Tail* $18.95
Add King Crab Legs* $22.95

Fresh Fish & Seafood

served w/ mixed veggies & choice of: garlic mashed potatoes,
white rice or thick-cut steak French fries (substitute starch
for extra veggies or brown rice just $2 more)

Uncle Bo’s Fish Or Shimp Tacos

Lightly breaded w/fresh avocado, flour tortilla, 3-cheese dill sauce & served w/ thick-cut steak fries 2pc (stir-fried veggies not included)*

Grilled Salmon

w/ lemon herb butter*

Baked Opah Mauna Kea

Fresh island fish baked in garlic aioli, topped w/ parmesan panko crust served w/ 2pc wok-fried garlic shrimp*

Fresh Fish Of The Day

w/ one of the following preparations*

CHIANG MAI – breaded in macadamia nut panko w/ choy-sum & tomatoes in sweet chili*

STEAMED CHINESE STYLE – w/ garlic soy sauce topped w/ green onion, cilantro, olive oil*

PAN BROILED – w/ garlic citrus butter & white wine*


pan roast w/ lobster & crab meat, clams, Scallops & shrimp… Velvety, creamy, yummy, soup or stew? (recommended w/ rice, stir-fried veggies not included)*

Lobster Tail

Spiny-tailed lobster broiled w/ garlic citrus butter*

Alaskan King Crab Legs

w/ drawn butter*


A Perfect Way To End Your Meal

Fried Ice Cream

House-made w/ vanilla ice cream & wrapped in sweet Hawaiian bread*

Vanilla Ice Cream

Creamy & soft from our neighborhood ice cream shop*

Warmed Fudge Brownie Ala Mode

House-made w/ vanilla ice cream & wrapped in sweet Hawaiian bread*


Locally made, gluten free… ask your server for today’s flavors!


Baskets of warm taro beignets (6pc) scoop of vanilla ice cream w/ Frangelico American Honey sauce*

Keiki Menu

For children 9 years & younger, please.
Comes w/ complimentary milk, juice or soft drink

Corn Dog & Fries*

Grilled-Cheese Sandwich & Fries


w/ BIG meatball*

Chicken Alfredo*

Located In the town that surfing built

We're Located In The Historic Haleiwa Town Center

Make memories within the memories of the historic Haleiwa town – the town that surfing built. Haleiwa is a surf town that services the Oahu North Shore beachgoers. Today, Haleiwa still services the beachgoers along with a mixture of visitors and locals that want to enjoy the one-of-a-kind landmark beauty that the North Shore provides.

We are located on Kamehameha Hwy. Just look out for the Uncle Bo’s sign in bright yellow text on your left-hand side if you’re headed north on the Kam Highway.

PARKING: There is adequate shopping center parking in the town center. Just note that is may get busy during the lunch and dinner time, especially on the weekends.

Uncle Bo’s Haleiwa
66-111 Kamehameha Hwy. #101 (GPS Directions)
(808) 797-9649

HOURS: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM