Kapahulu Menu


SPINACH ARTICHOKE DIP — w/ fresh wonton chips                                                                                                                            

SIX LITTLE PIGGIES — crispy pork belly topped w/ sweet Maui onion jalapeño relish 6pc*
GREASY NOODLES — ono island style fried noodlesCALAMARI — crispy, served w/ a sweet chili sauce*
UNCLE BO’S DYNAMITE SHRIMP — tossed in garlic chili aioli w/ parmesan panko crust
BO’S WINGS — Thai-style spicy chicken 8pc*
THAI-STYLE STEAMER CLAMS — Manila clams simmered in a mild chili & garlic oyster sauce*             
KALUA PIG SLIDERS — pulled pork in pineapple BBQ sauce on toasted sweet taro buns 3pc*              
SEAFOOD CEVICHE — shrimp, scallops & veggies tossed w/ herbs marinated in lime juice*
BO’S BIG NACHOS — w/ ham, kalua pig, onions, mushrooms & mozzarella on wonton chip (also served veggie-style w/ veggies & avocado)
UNCLE BO’S KALUA PIG FRIED RICE — w/ kalua pig & fresh spinach
MAMA-SAN’S COLD NOODLE – kim chee, prime rib chunks, sprouts & spinach atop island style noodle

BOCA-ROTA —prime rib strips sautéed w/ mushrooms in chili aioli w/ garlic cheesy-bread

Soups & Salads

Soup is house-made fresh daily.
Add avocado to any salad For just $2

NEW ENGLAND CLAM CHOWDER — made fresh daily w/ chopped clams, minced veggies & bacon
HOUSE SPRING MIXED GREENS — locally grown & organic w/ balsamic vinaigrette 
CAESAR — parmesan cheese & crunchy croutons w/ house-made dressing
CAPRESE — thick slices of mozzarella & tomatoes w/ basil & a balsamic drizzle 
PESTO PASTA — chilled w/ onions, mushrooms, bell pepper, tomatoes, cheese & light vinaigrette


Fresh dough hand-made in-house daily.
Pizzas approximately 12 - inches

PEPPERONI LOVERS  — loaded w/ pepperoni 
WHITE GARLIC MUSHROOM — w/alfredo sauce 
THE  BOSS — boss’s favorite pizza; pepperoni, mushroom & sausage 
VEGGIE  — onion, mushroom, bell pepper, zucchini, yellow squash & tomato 
BOCA ROTA — exactly what it sounds like; our delicious Boca-Rota pupu made into a pizza!*


Gluten free pasta available for just $2 more

PASTA MARINARA — served w/ linguine
PASTA PRIMAVERA — sautéed veggies w/ fresh basil tossed in a light garlic citrus olive oil over linguine
TARAKO PASTA — cod roe tossed in linguine & topped w/ Korean nori; served mild medium or hot
CHICKEN PESTO — sautéed in garlic, pesto cream sauce over fettuccine* 
CHICKEN ALFREDO — w/ mushrooms, parmesan & creamy sauce over fettuccine*
UNCLE BO’S SEAFOOD CATCH — clams, scallops, calamari, shrimp & fish jumbled in a creamy  tomato linguini net
CHICKEN PICCATA — white wine, lemon butter, capers, mushrooms & fresh basil over linguine*
CHICKEN MARSALA — sautéed w/ garlic, asparagus, mushrooms & marsala wine over linguine*

Meat & Steaks

served w/ mixed veggies & choice of: garlic mashed potatoes,
white rice or thick-cut steak French fries
(substitute starch for extra veggies just $2 more)

GARLIC RIB EYE — naturally flavorful & juicy, broiled & topped w/ garlic
PRIME RIB — slow-roasted overnight served w/ au jus & creamy horseradish*
MINI MEAT LOAF —  house-made daily over creamy garlic mash, smothered in rich brown gravy
BURGER — fat & juicy w/ lettuce, tomato, onion & Bo’s specialty sauce on top & a side of fries

Fresh Fish & Seafood

served w/ mixed veggies & choice of: garlic mashed potatoes,
white rice or thick-cut steak French fries (substitute starch
for extra veggies just $2 more)

UNCLE BO’S FISH OR SHRIMP TACOS — lightly breaded w/ fresh avocado, flour tortilla, 3-cheese dill sauce & served w/ thick cut steak French fries 2pc*
BAKED OPAH MAUNA KEA — fresh island fish baked in garlic aioli, topped w/ parmesan panko crust & 2pc wok-fried garlic shrimp 
FRESH FISH OF THE DAY — w/ one of the following preparations
             STEAMED CHINESE STYLE — w/ garlic soy sauce topped w/ green onion, cilantro & olive oil
             PAN BROILED — w/ garlic citrus butter & white wine*
S.O.S.!!! — pan roast w/ clams, scallops, shrimp calamari & fresh fish velvety, creamy, yummy! 


A Perfect Way To End Your Meal

FRIED ICE CREAM — vanilla ice cream wrapped in sweet Hawaiian bread
VANILLA ICE CREAM — from our neighborhood ice cream shop
HOBO’S — baskets of warm taro beignets (6pc) one scoop of vanilla ice cream w/ Frangelico American Honey sauce

Keiki Menu

For children 9 years & younger, please.
Comes w/ complimentary milk, juice or soft drink


Honolulu Restaurant For Couples

Uncle Bo’s Pupu Bar & Grill Kapahulu
559 Kapahulu Ave. Honolulu, HI 96815 (GPS Directions)
PH: (808) 735-8310

HOURS: 5:00 PM – 1:00 AM